April 2020: Child Abuse Prevention Month (CAPM)

April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month! "Strong, nurturing communities that are supportive of families can get involved and play a role in preventing child abuse and neglect and promoting child and family well-being," according to ChildWelfare.gov.


Please review the list of resources below related to child abuse prevention:



The FREE 2019 Prevention Resource Guide outlines the six protective factors (see below), or "attributes of families typically associated with lower incidents of child abuse and neglect. Extensive research has shown when these protective factors are present and robust in a family, the likelihood of abuse and neglect diminishes and the family environment becomes healthy and optimal for the development of children."




Nurturing & Attachment

"Strong families show how
much they love each other"

Social Connections

"Connecting with friends builds
a strong support system"

Knowledge of
Parenting & Child Development

"Being a great parent is part
natural & part learned"

Concrete Supports for Families

"Strong families ask for
help when they need it"

Parental Resilience

"Flexibility and inner strength keep
families strong in times of stress"

Social & Emotional
Competence of Children

"Children get along better with others
when they have words to express how they feel"





For additional community resources, contact our Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) team at 561-514-3300.



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