Here’s why we can finally quit re-debating “does pre-K really help?”

Dallas News
November 27, 2017

There's a mountain of research that shows getting kids into quality pre-K gives them a leg up throughout their school lives. But, stunningly, some people are still not convinced.

Sometimes it takes a sledgehammer to drive home something so important. That came this month in the form of a new study that advocates say is pivotal in putting a stop to the long-running "does early childhood education really work?" debate.

Researchers from five universities, led by the Harvard Graduate School of Education, analyzed 22 well-constructed studies between 1960 and 2016. That's research published over 56 years.

They looked at the overall impact of classroom-based early education on special education placement, grade retention, and high school graduation.

Here's what they found about kids who enrolled in high-quality early education programs:

  • Less likely (by 8.1 percent) to be placed in special education
  • Less likely (by 8.3 percent) to be retained in a grade
  • More likely (by 11.4 percent) to graduate from high school


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