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We did it!
You now "Officially" have a Kindergartener!
Monday, August 31, 2020
Yesterday was a big day! A child's first day of kindergarten is a truly momentous occasion that is bound to invite a whole flood of emotions. Even if yesterday had some ups and downs, that's ok! All of the Kindergarten Teachers are expecting the transition to Kindergarten this year may be a little different than most years. And that is ok.
All of the work we did together over the summer has paid off and we hope you and your child have a positive outlook on the upcoming year.
This is not good-bye, but it is a farewell of sorts. The Kindergarten...Here I Come initiative for 2020 has officially come to an end. We are so excited for your family on this next phase.
Please know that we serve children up to 12 years of age. If you need help finding an after-care program or anything else, please continue to reach out to us. Our mission is that every child is ready to learn and ready for life!
Let's work together to help your child soar into Kindergarten!
If there is anything we can do to assist, please contact us at 561.514.3300 or email us at questions@elcpalmbeach.org.




Read-Along of "Kindergarten... Here I Come!" in English, Part 1



Read-Along of "Kindergarten... Here I Come!" in English, Part 2


Read-Along of "Kindergarten... Here I Come!" in Spanish, Part 1


Read-Along of "Kindergarten... Here I Come!" in Spanish, Part 2



All About Our Summer Parent Club



Week 1
Alphabetic Principle
Week 2
Concept of Words
Week 3
Visual Discrimination
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Numbers & Number Sense
Week 7
Sentence-Level Comprehension
Week 8
Paragraph-Level Comprehension



In Case You Missed It | Parent Cafe Opportunities
Please feel free to re-watch our Parent Cafe webinars, offered in both English and Spanish, held as a part of this year's "Kindergarten... Here I Come!" 8-week virtual summer program. During these valuable sessions, we shared exactly what skills and abilities are needed for Kindergarten! These were an incredibly valuable opportunity for all parents with soon-to-be kindergartners.

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