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We work to build a community-wide commitment to ensure every child is ready to succeed in school and life through comprehensive, high-quality early learning environments.




Our collaborative partnership with the Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County allows for continuity of care and funding for families, resulting in more than 30,000 children served annually in Palm Beach County.





ELCPBC maintains an outward vision focusing on the future needs of all children and families and is proactive in our efforts to better serve the community through collective and informed decisions.





We provide families access to a variety of early learning programs and services. Our staff is engaging, supportive, and provides referrals for child care and other resources unique to the needs of each family.





ELCPBC monitors and provides training and resources to advance the skills of early learning educators within more than 750 child care providers, enhancing their ability to inspire learning and prepare children for their academic future, ensuring the quality of all programs.







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Why It Matters to Legislators

Data and statistics have shown that comprehensive, early learning programs for children birth to five years-old result in a return investment of 13% annually. Legislators are widely recognizing the many benefits of quality early learning programs for not only children themselves, but their families and our society as a whole.


Why It Matters to Communities

Early childhood education helps decrease costs for remedial education, crime and other societal problems. Access to child care and early learning programs gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to go to work every day and contribute to Florida's economy, while their children are acquiring skills that will prepare them for school success.

Children who receive high-quality early learning are more likely to enter the workforce prepared for success, equipped to be productive within our community.


Why It Matters to Families

We know that a child's brain forms approximately 700 new neural connections every second during the early years of their life; these connections are the result of the interaction of genes and a baby's environment and experiences. All children depend on these early connections to build a solid foundation for their future learning, behavior and health.

High-quality early learning programs help ensure that even the most at-risk children arrive at kindergarten ready to learn. Access to child care allows parents to work and earn money to support their families.


Why It Matters to the Economy

By providing families access to high-quality care for their children, businesses experience a lesser amount of absenteeism and turnover and improve productivity, work quality, and employee morale.

The availability of child care in Florida creates over 67,000 jobs, strengthening the workforce and contributing to the overall state economy.

To build a generation of workforce-ready people, Florida must invest now as many crucial life skills are established during a child's first five years.


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Contact Us

Parents: (561) 514-3300
Providers/Administrative: (561) 214-8000
Boynton Beach Administrative Office Hours: 8:30am to 5pm (Monday-Friday)
Palm Springs & Rivera Beach/Port Center Office Hours: 8am to 5:30pm (Monday-Thursday)

Special Notice:

If you require Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations to participate in any ELCPBC event or activity, please notify Christie Young, Single Point of Contact, by phone at 561-214-7424 or by email at christie.young@elcpalmbeach.org within at least seven (7) days of the event. Accommodation will be provided at no extra charge.